Thursday, May 14, 2015

Power to the People?

When I hear someone shout “Power to the People,” I would have to say that for the most part I am in general agreement with the sentiment expressed. Because I assume that the “people” referenced in that slogan include me and most cripples and thus Power to the People means more power for me.

But I can’t be totally sure because, quite honestly, that slogan may be tried and true but it is a little vague. I mean if we take the definition of people literally, that means every living human being which includes people like Trump. Technically, he qualifies as a human being, if you really want to split hairs. So does Power to the People mean more power for people like Trump? If that’s the case then hell no! I don’t agree with it at all!

I don’t think that’s what it’s supposed to mean so maybe instead we should shout out something more specific, like “Power to the People Except for Rich Douchebags Like Trump!” But that’s pretty cumbersome and not too rhythmic. And who is authorized to make such a change? Who are the people who define who the people in Power to the People are? And what criteria do they apply? I pass this parking lot sometimes called the People’s Parking Lot, which is kind of a silly name because who else is going to try to park there besides people? Lobsters? But in this case, I’m sure the guy who defines the people that can park in the People’s Parking Lot is the guy who owns the parking lot. And I’m sure he defines people as any and all human beings who can afford to park in his parking lot.

In the People’s Republic of China, no doubt the communist party defines who the people are. And that definition includes any and all human beings who don’t piss off the communist party.

But I think Power to the People implies that’s it is intended to really mean Power to the People Who Are Being Fucked Over. That’s why I’ve always assumed it includes me and most cripples. That’s why everybody who shouts it out assumes it includes them, too.

So if we all can agree to be just a wee tad more specific and start shouting out “Power to the People Who Are Being Fucked Over” instead, I’d feel much more comfortable. I’ll know it includes me and most cripples but nobody like Trump. I’m on board 100 percent for sure then.

So would whoever is in charge of making that happen please get on it right away? I’d appreciate it.

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