Friday, April 29, 2022

Good Reparations, Bad Reparations

 Take, for example, those parking spaces that are reserved just for cripples. I suppose that could be an example of cripple reparations

I mean, the definition of reparations is, "The making of amends for wrong or injury done."  And those parking spaces are a good symbol of how the uncrippled majority makes amends to us for being crippled.

I also get my city vehicle sticker for free and a property tax discount because I’m crippled. Those could also be looked upon as the uncrippled majority’s way  of making amends for wrong or injury done to me.

And the uncrippled majority doesn’t seem to have a problem with doing that, which is a much different reaction than a lot of people have to paying slavery reparations. They get all defensive about that idea.

One difference, I suppose, is that when the uncrippled majority gives cripples a parking space they aren’t admitting any wrongdoing. They think they’re making amends on behalf of God. It’s a lot easier to say you’re sorry about something you don’t think is your fault. Like if someone says they have cancer, you say, “I’m sorry,” even though you didn’t give them cancer. Now if they file a lawsuit accusing you of giving them cancer because you polluted their water or something, then it’s not so easy to say you’re sorry.

And that’s another thing. Cripples never got together and demanded stuff like parking spaces. Or at least that’s what the uncrippled majority thinks. Thus, when the uncrippled majority grants these things to us, it can feel good about itself. But if we demanded these parking spaces and such, then the uncrippled majority would give them to us out of a sense of guilt rather than compassion, which takes all the fun out of it for them

So maybe those demanding slavery reparations ought to try a different approach. Instead of finger pointing, which  makes the descendants of slaveowners feel like their self-esteem is being attacked, maybe they ought to try a more humble approach, like, “We know it’s not your fault, but if you could see fit to making amends for the injury or wrong done to us, we’d really appreciate it.”

The descendants of slaveowners will be a lot more receptive to the disarming charm of that message. Of course, all the descendants of slaves will get out of it will probably be some fancy parking spaces reserved just for them, but hey, it’s a start!

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