Friday, May 19, 2023

Until Life do us Part

 Here’s what I know about those staunch pro-lifer types:

Their bottom line is to get a federal law passed criminalizing abortion (and maybe even the use of birth control) in every state.

I also know that if they’re ever going to pull off anything like that, they’ll have to disguise that law as something else. Because it’s getting to be where more and more people don’t like that idea.

But I also know that a lot of those staunch pro-lifer types fancy themselves as the best friends of cripples because a lot of fetuses get aborted when it is discovered in prenatal testing that they will be crippled, like with Down Syndrome. And so they think that they’re standing up for cripples because they’re standing up for crippled fetuses.

The problem is that those staunch pro-lifer types are usually among the first to stop giving a shit about what happens to these crippled fetuses once they are born. They attack the public programs that crippled fetus may well need to survive as a crippled human, especially if it is a poor crippled human, like Social Security and Medicaid.

So maybe those staunch pro-lifer types could disguise their meddlesome legislation as a civil rights law and thus pass themselves off as freedom fighters. They could call it the Fetuses with Disabilities Act.

All the law would have to say is, “Fetuses with disabilities have the right to be born.” And then there would be a paragraph or two about how therefore nobody anywhere can ever have an abortion or use birth control because it might deprive a crippled fetus of its right to be born.

That’s all the Fetuses with Disabilities Act would have to say. Because that’s all that matters to those staunch pro-lifer types.

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