Thursday, April 27, 2023

Of Predators and Prey


There’s one thing that seems to make humans unique from other species of animals. As far as I can tell, humans are the only animals that switch sides and join up with their predators so as to try to convince them to change their ways.

Like for instance, you don’t see a hen hanging out with foxes, just so the foxes won’t fuck with them.

But humans do that kind of stuff all the time. Just take a look at the republican party. There are the Log Cabin Republicans, who are gay. They think republicanism is great, except for that homophobic stuff

And there are a few black republicans, too. They think republicanism is great, except for that racist stuff.

There are Joe Worker republicans who seem to think that the republican party is on their side.

 Well you can’t have it both ways. If you scoop all the homophobia and racism and screwing over working people out of republicanism, there isn’t much left. It’s just as silly as if the hens hung around with the foxes, hoping they could convince foxes not to eat hens anymore. It ain’t gonna happen.

If the foxes did allow hens to mingle among their ranks, they would probably use them as unwitting decoys. to lure in their fellow hens. Their job would be to convince the other hens that the foxes aren’t such bad guys after all. Once you get to know them, you'll see that the foxes really do have the best interests of hens at heart. And once enough hens flew the coop and came on over to the other side, the foxes would gobble them up. That’s what being a fox is all about.

It works the same way with the republicans. As soon as enough gay and black  Joe Worker republicans convince enough of their own kind to come on over because this is the place to be, the republicans will gobble them up. That’s what republicanism is all about.

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